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And What You can Expect

Connect using detailed visuals

Your website, printed collateral and electronic communication are your 24 / 7 salesperson. When you are not with your customers, and even before they become a customer, they are looking at your visual communication and making decisions about your products and your company.

The devil is in the details—each nuance of your VisualS speaks volumes about your commitment to quality. by showcasing Those details through high-quality Commercial photography we can connect with customers before ever speaking a word.

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showing the craftsmanship and artistry in minute details customers discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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Build Trust

showing these minute details communicates your brand’s expertise and commitment to quality, building a customer’s trust and curiosity.

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Are Narrative

the sincerity of precision, quality product photography reflects your product’s authenticity, setting you apart in a crowded marketplace.

Art Direction Is Key

Crafting a perfect set of photographs begins with defining what we want to accomplish. We do this using mood boards, sketches, screen grabs or snapshots from the everyday world. Using these as a guide will create a shot list defining technical Details such as angle of view, lighting style, surface material, background and if any props may be needed.

Given this Art direction, a proof of concept or prototype is made for your review prior to creating the final shots.

Stylized mock up of a mood board for creative inspiration.
Stylized drawings of a photoshoot plan showing lighting and sketch of scene.
Stylized mock up of a final photograph and lighting set up.

Details, Details

Product photography is often done where the camera is within very close proximity to the subject. This means depth of field, or what is in focus, is incredibly shallow so we use a technique called Focus Stacking. By taking multiple shots of the exact same scene and adjusting the focal plane can capture a stack of images.

This stack, Where only focus is adjusted, is layered together using software to create a single composite photograph where all details are sharp across the scene.

Focus stacks can be 3 or 4 shots, or, can be 200+ shots depending on the scene and what we need to accomplish.

Software in action

Cleanup & Background

After - finished Cleaned Focus stacked image of a knife handle.Before - raw unedited Focus stacked image of a knife handle.

That Picture
makes me Hungry!

Art Direction is key.
most importantly when working with food, and especially Beverages, Every detail needs to be planned, tested and Styled.

often times is only a few minutes or even a few seconds to capture the exact shot....before the food item looks cold or the beverage stops bubbling.

Frequent question comes up, My Restaurant is not in your area, can you still help me out? Yes, Of course I can!

check out this photograph of a BLT Sandwich -- combined the  controlled studio shot with a background shot of the actual busy cafe. ADDITIONALLY, Ingredient shots or recipe deconstruction are effective methods to promote a dish without the requirement  to be on-site and cause dirsuption to restaurant Service operations.

Not On Location

Food Photography - A BLT sandwich shot in the studio, After with the Cafe background added..Food Photography - A BLT sandwich shot in the studio, Before.

Simple Ingredients

Food photography - still life of basil, tomato and garlic.

a Pour Shot...

Beverage photograph showing a beer pouring into a pint glass.

Another very Pour Shot...

Beverage Photography showing red wine pouting into a glass, a bottle of wine and wine corks are shown as props.

Proof Approval
& Retouching

Before proceeding with detailed retouching, will present a Proof for Approval where I make Basic adjustments like correcting white balance and refining exposure and tonality setting the foundation for the final image edits. This stage allows us to review together and plan the retouching steps.

Retouching is where some Real Magic happens. Retouch Edits include cleaning dust, scratches, imperfections, correcting textures and adjusting specific details of the photograph. We can even add in different backgrounds or add a stylized filter treatment matching your creative vision.

Check out theSe before and after sliders to see examples of what can be done with retouching and post-processing.

Cleanup & Background

A fender Stratocaster in a photography studio, an edited final imageA fender Stratocaster in a photography studio, an un-edited image

Cleanup & Color Change

Product Photography After Retouching comparisonProduct Photography Before Retouching comparison

Cleanup & Background

Product Photography Retouching example - fountain pen after.Product Photography Retouching example - fountain pen before.

oooh, Shiny Metal!

Product Photography Retouching example - pots and pans After.Product Photography Retouching example - pots and pans before.
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Grab A PDF copy of my printed brochure and share with colleagues on your team. Makes an excellent Gift for the Art DiRector and Designer on your list!

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Still Life Photography top down view of hands using a typewriter on a desk.